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The Resurrection of Dragon Nest

That title makes it sound like Dragon Nest died and came back to life, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! Dragon Nest is fine! Resurrection is the name of the latest update, which comes with oodles* of new story and a new level cap of 60!

The main quest picks up where we left off in the Liverwort Liberators update. The player returns to the capital city of Saint’s Haven, along with Rose the Prophet and Teram, the leader of the Divine Order. Their new mission: To put the soul of a great hero to rest. But not everything is as it seems, and let’s just say that this chapter ends with a twist.

It wouldn’t be Dragon Nest without a big heap of side quests, too. Along the way you’ll be reunited with Daisy, a little girl with a penchant for nursing injured dragons back to health. You’ll learn more about the checkered past of Saint’s Haven’s craziest beggar. And you’ll get the latest news on the musical stylings of Seliana, Altera’s number one pop star! What more could you ask for?

So if you like dragons, and you like nests, and you haven’t played Dragon Nest yet, go check it out. Really, go. It’s fine. I’ll wait here until you’re done.


* May not actually contain a full oodle.