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Dragon Nest: Dueling Fates

It all began with a girl.

His life was perfect before she showed up. Sure, nothing interesting ever happened, but he was happy to be just another ordinary guy. But then they appeared from thin air–Lunaria and that madman–and his world changed forever. Lost in time, he’s locked in a struggle to survive. Will he find his way home… or embrace his dark fate?

This is the story of Assassin.

It’s update time again! This week saw the release of Dueling Fates, a new content release for Dragon Nest including the playable Assassin class. The story of the Assassin is some of the most intricate narrative we’ve put into the game (I may be biased), and what’s more, you don’t have to reach Level 60 or 70 or 9,000 in order to experience it; just download the client, start a new Assassin character, and let the good times roll into your crosshairs so you can assassinate them with a well-aimed throwing dagger!

Go here for the sweet, chewy details.