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Vorisin - A YA Fantasy Serial Novel


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While my writing for games are massively collaborative efforts requiring me to work with developers, production teams, and other writers, I’ve also put some time into solo projects–my books. I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction stories for young adults and adult…adults, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, too!

Vorisin Vorisin
By day, Craig Lowe is a normal sixteen-year-old stuck working a dull summer job. But by night, Craig travels to a world unlike any we know. He always thought that this other world was just a dream until he’s contacted by the Vorisin—a secret society that shares his visions. Craig and his best friend Will are whisked away to a secluded community in the mountains where the Vorisin work in secret to bring the world of Craig’s dreams into our reality.

Vorisin is a three-part young adult fantasy novel, with part 1 debuting in November 2012. Check out the official site for details!