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Vorisin - A YA Fantasy Serial Novel


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I was born in the summer of ’84 in San Francisco, California. At an early age, when my peers were dreaming of becoming mundane, boring things like astronauts and firefighters, I set my sights on a loftier goal: to someday make video games. So began my affair with storytelling, both interactive and traditional. As the years went on, I experimented with prose, comics, game design, and plot-driven roleplay.

In college, I picked up the study of theater, writing two short comedies and directing a play while there. It was during this time that I became involved in the roleplay community at Gaia Online under the handle opaj, where I pioneered the RP Event, a short-term prose-based game involving anywhere from twenty to a hundred twenty players.

I currently work for an online game company, writing and revising narrative for various massively multiplayer online games.  I live in Los Angeles, California, with my wife Kayla and our two cats Skooma and Moonie.

Fun Facts about Orion Al-Shamma-Jones!

At a party and want to talk about Orion, but don’t know what to say? Fret not!  Choose one of the following talking points and let the good times roll:

  • Orion holds a degree in Japanese and theater, with a minor in computer science. He somehow ended up in a job that uses all three of these disciplines.
  • An academic paper was once written about Orion’s efforts on Gaia Online.  He insists vehemently that the paper would not stand as evidence in a court of law.
  • When he was 15, Orion did a short stint at a Japanese all-girl high school. As a direct result, he knows exactly how it feels to have dozens of girls cry out his name when he walks down a hall.
  • Unfortunately, they did not let him wear the uniform.